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Charlottesville/Albemarle County Activities

For a city of our size, Charlottesville boasts an extraordinary number of artistic, cultural, and outdoor activities. Spectacular scenery and championship courses designed by County Buildingsome of the industry’s top architects create a winning combination for golfers. The many rivers and lakes provide the perfect setting for aquatic pursuits, such as sailing, swimming, fishing, kayaking, canoeing and tubing. The many beautiful parks offer wonderful settings for sports, picnics, relaxation, and adventure.

If you’re not of the sporting mind, Charlottesville/Albemarle County is home to a plethora of unique stores and shops. Visitors will find charming boutiques, antique shops, antiquarian bookstores, distinguished local wineries, and small towns filled with pleasant surprises. The array of entertainment opportunities was only one factor that lead to Charlottesville being named Money magazine’s #1 Small City in the South

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Ash Lawn Opera

Ash Lawn Opera Festival: July 7-August 13, 2006The Ash Lawn Opera Festival is recognized by Money Magazine as one of the top-20 international warm weather summer opera companies, boasting “first rank talent, full summer programs and lots of nearby culture”. Established in 1978, the Festival, a member of Opera America Inc., presents opera and musical theater sung in English and performed in the beautiful Boxwood Gardens of Ash Lawn-Highland, home of President James Monroe. The Festival also offers the Music at Twilight series, featuring a variety of musical genres, and Summer Saturdays entertainment for children of all ages.

In 2006, the Festival will present Lehar’s The Merry Widow and Bernstein’s West Side Story. Beginning at 8 p.m. evening performances are outdoors at Ash Lawn-Highland; grounds open for picnicking at 6 p.m. Lectures begin at 7:15 p.m. (if applicable). In the event of rain, performances are held under the pavilion. Different rates apply for different nights and events. Group rates are available; call for details. Tickets available at Box Office from June through August, (434) 979-0122. For general information, call (434) 293- 4500. Mailing Address: 2000 Holiday Drive, Suite 100, Charlottesville, VA 22901.

In addition the Ash Lawn Opera Festival is pleased to partner with four of Charlottesville’s leading hotels to offer special rates on lodging and opera packages. See a performance of West Side Story or The Merry Widow, then enjoy the many wonderful amenities offered by the hotel or inn of your choice. Packages are available from Boar’s Head Inn, English Inn of Charlottesville, Foxfield Inn, and the Inn at Sugar Hollow. Visit or call (434) 293-4500 for more information.

Vicinity Charlottesville / Albemarle
Directions 2 1/2 miles from Monticello on Route 795, off Route 53.
Address 1941 James Monroe Parkway
Charlottesville, VA 22902
Phone (434) 293-4500
Fax (434) 293-0736
Regular Admission $25.00
Senior Citizen Admission $24.00
Children’s Admission $16.00
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Regulations Governing Assisted Living Facilities

Usually the federal government provide similar levels of rules to govern the establishment and smooth running of nursing homes in all states; and the country as a whole. But this is not the case with operating assisted living facilities, as the federal government left it to the state governments to provide the regulations. To this end, there are different regulations which have been laid down and guide assisted living facilities in Utah.

The regulations governing assisted living in Utah can be found in the Utah administrative code rule R432-270 and include the following;

  • All assisted living facilities must be licensed by the state of Utah and must be classified under TYPE I facility or TYPE II facility respectively.
  • Staff and administrators must have good moral behaviour and free of any criminal history. They must also have a good training background on the principles of assisting residents.
  • The residents’ right for patients of assisted living facilities in Utah also includes the right to be treated with dignity, the right to privacy and the right to be free of any form of abuse among others.

In case any of the of the regulations spelt out in the Utah code are violated by any person in the assisted living facility, the state regulation for assisted living facilities in Utah also has a provision for equal penalties. Apart from the fact that mere violation of these regulations attract a charge of a class A misdemeanour, violators could be accorded other penalties depending on the one violated.

Since the regulations governing assisted living are made by the states where they are located, the regulations guiding assisted living facilities in Utah may differ from that in operation in other states. Therefore, you should be careful to know the rules guiding the facility in the state where you reside.

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Using Document Management Software Makes For A Modern Way Of Conducting Business

Every business, whether big or small, needs to manage its documents which are created during the process of conducting business. An efficient business needs to constantly access documents and doing so quickly can greatly increase efficient working.

This is where document management software allows you to store electronic documents, keep them secure and access then whenever and wherever required. It can also help to completely eliminate filing and storage of paper documents and thus results in savings in staff, furniture and space. This can be of definite help to the profitability of operations.
When you look for document management software, look for one that can be easily integrated into your present system, and help to streamline work flow. It should allow you to create documents with password protection, so that they are accessed by only those persons who need to see and act on the documents. The software must be such that it can access documents in all formats and if necessary convert them to formats that the business is most comfortable with.

Another ability that installed document management software must have is one that allows hard copies of documents received or previous records to be scanned and converted into the required digital formats. This allows work to be continued seamlessly and ensures instant access to all people concerned, without having to mark copies or photocopy them for distribution. The filing system on such software needs to follow a similar system that already exists for hard copies, and new ones created that follow the same logic.

Accessing documents stored by such software is very easily done with just the touch of a button. The retrieval is instant and administrators can create permissions for each document which indicates people who can view a document, those who can modify them or generate replies. It is a fact that the use of document management software has greatly improved productivity in organizations.

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Virginia Is An Olive Oil Haven

Most people spend a large amount of time maintaining their physical appearance.  In fact, the majority of the population knows how important it is to lead a healthy lifestyle.  Healthy people are often naturally beautiful.  Those who want to look good without the assistance of make-up should try a few natural beauty tips.

Beauty Begins With a Healthy Diet

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of how their diet effects their appearance.  For instance, people who eat a lot of junk food tend to have dull, spotty skin.  Those who stay hydrated and eat well will have healthy, youthful skin that glows.  Listed below are a few food items that can improve the way a person looks.

-  Fruit and vegetable juices.
-  Water.
-  Raw fruits and vegetables.
-  Lean meat.
-  Nuts.
-  Whole grains.


Some products like a good oilve oil for skin use can help maintain that glow as well.

Physical activity also has a visible effect on the body.  Regular exercise will keep women in shape and improve their skin.  Exercise is beneficial to the skin as sweat flushes out any toxins a woman may have in her system.

Lastly, women should switch from synthetic beauty products to more natural alternatives.  Natural beauty products have minerals, vitamins and nutrients that protect the skin.  These products are gentle on the skin and do not cause any irritation.  This makes them ideal for people with allergies and other skin conditions.  Not to mention, the chemicals found in regular products can be harmful.  Natural products can be made from ingredients at home or purchased online.  Many popular brands are now releasing natural and/or organic products as they are gaining popularity.

Overall, switching to natural beauty products and routines is beneficial for a woman’s overall health.  Women will appear beautiful because their body is being treated well.  This look cannot be achieved by using large amounts of make up.

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Virginia Is A Great Place For Your Online Business

For any business to be successful several factors must be put into consideration. They include capital, business location, availability of customers, and marketing among others. Marketing is reaching out to your customers who are the life line of any business venture. Majority are switching to Internet marketing probably because of the increasing knowledge of information technology. Unfortunately many do so without having adequate know how on Internet marketing. Online marketing is different in some ways to conventional marketing. Here are some factors to consider if you are to be successful in Internet marketing.

Know your targeted customers
Knowing your customers will help a great deal in determining the best way to reach out for them. Take your time and know their lifestyle, financial capability and in general their likes and dislikes. This will make it possible for you to market your products in a more appealing and suitable manner.

Create advertisements
A part from well designed posters video can be a very suitable mode to use online.  Make a video recording of the company, the products it deals with and more importantly where to find the products how to use them and the pricing. Do not take anything for granted. Most people prefer short clear precise and straight to the point commercials .Remember this may be the first image of your company the potential customer sees ,make it up to the mark.

Social networking
Joining social networking sites increases the plat form of interacting with both your customers and potential customers. This is a good way of getting the response from your customers and critics as well. Be a good listener and make it a must to respond to all your customer’s queries. Do not over look or ignore what you may term as critics and remember the phrase a customer is always right. Lastly be polite.

More and more people are nowadays online most of their time, so whatever your business ignore online marketing at your own peril. The best course of action can be to ask a professional for help, companies like Ontra Studios SEO firm are a recomended good place to start.

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